The Top 100 Women in Pop Culture! (Part 3)

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Do you know what I like about these articles? The great stuff that I haven’t checked out yet. This week, between assembling the House writers great work nominating women for the list, I’ve been reading two new comic lines (entries 47 and 52) and watching a cool show I knew nothing about (entry 60). We’ve got another 20 this week, we hope you find something new and see some of your favourites.

If you’re behind the ball, here’s PART 1 and PART 2.


#41 Storm

First Appearance:Giant Size X-Men #1

Who is She?: Ororo Munroe is a superhero, member of the X-men, and previous queen consort of Wakanda.

Why She’s Great: Storm is first and foremost a badass superhero. She can control the weather, which means she can create storms, hit people with lightening, and even fly. She has some of the coolest and most powerful…

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The Lives of Nuns: A Reading List


Life inside the cloister is fascinating. Poverty, silence, chastity, obedience: these are not characteristics most of us would devote our lives to. These women find freedom in strictures and structure. What is it like inside the convent walls? Here are five pieces explore the lives of nuns and those inspired by their works.

1. “The Secret Life of Nuns.” (Alex Mar, Oxford American, August 2013)

Alex Mar moves into a Dominican order in Houston: “I traveled here, arriving just yesterday on an early flight, to answer a question that I’ve had for years: Why would a woman make the very specific choice to marry God? […] Why would she choose to live with his many brides and very little privacy and pooled resources; to abandon any and all romantic partners, along with the possibility of ever again touching someone else’s naked body; to set aside every personal need and closely held…

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Old Factory Candles Review & all things Autumn

this past weekend was absolutely glorious in the way an Autumn weekend should be in New York: crisp, warm in the sunshine, blue-skied and all-round lovely. i was fortunate to spend a good portion of it outside yesterday on such a picture perfect day, as i took a boat cruise to Bear Mountain a little ways upstate and checked out their Oktoberfest festivities.

this place was truly gorgeous.

it definitely fed my obsessions with all-things-by-the-water and for-the-love-of-autumns. i was a very happy girl yesterday. it’s truly a blessing to live in such an amazing city, and yet have some of the most beautiful scenery in the country just a couple of hours away by train, car or boat.

oh, and this happened last night, too: kept the pumpkin beer trend alive and well at Rogue Bar in the Flatiron area, where they have an October special of $25…

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