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My 7 Most Read Blog Posts: How Never Stationary Has Changed Over the Years

Catherine Zhang


Two years ago, I analyzed my blog posts. Back then, popularity on this site was dictated by 1) sharing this blog on my social media (Facebook, Gmail) 2) curiosity about the identity of a guest poster who revealed something intimate 3) interaction with a blogging forum.

Since then, things have changed. Shall we analyze?

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The Top 100 Women in Pop Culture! (Part 4)

Funk's House of Geekery

It’s our second last entry in the series, counting down another 20 awesome women from our favourite shows, movies, games and comics. It certainly isn’t easy narrowing the list down to 100, but don’t panic if your favourite women haven’t turned up yet…we’ve saved some of the most iconic for next week!

Need a reminder? Here’s Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


#61 Nyota Uhura

First Appearance: Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1. Portrayed by Nichelle Nichols.

Who is She?: A communications officer aboard the USS Enterprise of Starfleet.

Why She’s Great: Uhura is another revolutionary character. She was not only one of the first black women on television in a serious role, but her on-screen kiss with co-star William Shatner was the first scripted inter-racial kiss on United States television. She was a serious, strong, and intelligent woman who audiences could admire and look up to…

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Wedding Times!

The time to enjoy every bit planning and researching to be the most beautiful and happy bride you wanted to be. You have every right to make this a reality. Weddings can be very costly if you and your partner and everybody else involved (let’s be honest, each of you are marrying each other’s family;)) does not have a clear idea as to what you want.

May it be through Pinterest or a memory box from your childhood filled with magazine clippings of perfect brides, you need to make a plan, develop an idea and an overall theme. You and your partner need to agree on budgets and prioritise what’s important to the two of you. Although guys generally do not want anything to do with the planning aspect of things it’s good to keep them in the loupe. Some may even have great ideas.

I am planning mine at the moment. It’s going to be overseas and we are both equally excited. Ok, I am giddy with excitement! The excitement of it finally happening, the excitement of planning it and to finally be wedded.

I do not intend of becoming a bridezilla. There is however a huge possibility of this happening. Solely because the country we hope to have our wedding moves rather slowly in terms of corresponding and communication. I like to think it’s going to go remotely to plan because I plan things to the t. I got myself a Wedding Planning organiser from Kikki K and it’s the best thing that’s happened so far. From folders to guest lists to thank you cards this organiser has it all. I advice everyone who’s planning a wedding to get themselves one. It helps you be more organised and after its all over it can be a memory folder and you can go through it to reminisce.

With whatever time I have got left in the coming months, I will post about tips and findings and my journey to not turning into a bridezilla:).

It’s Never Too Late by Julia Reynolds

Nerdy Book Club

I have always been a reader. As I was growing up, my parents had their own books on bookshelves, by their bed, on counters, in cars, and anywhere else they might stop and read. It was similar in the bedroom I shared with my sister – books in baskets, in bookcases, and by my bed – with a light clipped to my headboard so I could read late into the night after the lights were turned off. This foundation for my reading life (which I have repeated with my 9-year-old son Liam) helped me survive the confines of traditional teaching (assigned texts, 6+ week long units, lower-level quizzes and tests) that I encountered during much of my schooling.

As an educator, I am a tireless advocate for students and reading, especially what we can do during school hours since we cannot control what happens (or not) at home. This meant…

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